Thursday, June 28, 2007

John Cornyn Protecting Texans From Organized Labor

Here’s another reason why Texas Senator John Cornyn needs to go.

He voted Nay, with the rest of his Republican cronies, with Phil Specter (R-Pennsylvania) being the one lone Republican Aye vote to bring HR 800 to the Senate floor for consideration. With 3/5ths needed, the bill is dead.

What is HR 800? It was introduced in March to, among other things, amend the National Labor Relations Act to allow for “an efficient system to enable employees to form, join, or assist labor organizations and to provide for mandatory injunctions for unfair labor practices during organizing efforts.

It makes it easier for employees to organize into collective bargaining units – that is, labor unions.

One provision of the bill would allow the NLRB to certify a union without a secret ballot election if a majority of employees authorize the union through other means known as “card-check”.

In short, it makes it easier for unions to form, and makes it harder for management to prevent their formation.

That is, by voting against HR 800, Cornyn and his cronies make it easier for management to continue to pay their employees slave wages, with little or no health insurance, and allows management to continue to operate their facilities with little or no regard to the safety of their employees.

Why? Because labor unions operate against all of the above.

But here’s what makes Cornyn’s vote particularly invidious.

You know my friend, Ann? The one who has to hand feed her turtle that she raised from an egg? Ann showed me an email from Cornyn’s office, dated today, outlining his voting position on this bill. Nice that he sent it out 2 days after the bill failed the cloture vote on the 26th.

Know why Cornyn voted against the bill? According to his email message, he voted against bringing the bill to the floor because he is protecting her from those thugs and thieves called “organized labor”.

Here’s what he wrote:

“Unfortunately, card-check campaigns lack anonymity and can create opportunities for organized labor to place negative pressure on employees or bargain away their right to a secret ballot election. Under current law, employers may voluntarily recognize unions based on card-checks, but they are not required to do so. Instead they may insist upon an election administered by the NLRB.”

You see? He’s really on the side of the working man. Those labor unions exert pressure on employees to accept higher wages, health insurance and safe facilities. Employees really don’t want that stuff at all. So he wants to keep it just as hard as it has been for labor unions to form.

I've got a great guy in mind who we can put in Cornyn's seat in 2008. He has not declared a candidacy, nor even established an exploration committee. But something tells me that this guy will not only will serve Texans and Americans better, he will do it with integrity and distinction.

Draft Rick Noriega for U.S. Senate from Texas.

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PDiddie said...

Arlen Specter is the senator from Pennsylvania, though there is a striking resemblance between he and recording mogul/murder suspect Phil Spector (if you discount the hair).