Monday, June 04, 2007

Nick Lampson's Statement on William Jefferson Indictment

William Jefferson (D - Louisiana) was indicted this afternoon on racketeering, money laundering, wire fraud and conspiracy to solicit bribes by a public official. Recall his solicitation of a $100,000 bribe in an internet scam perpretrated on an investor, her subsequent complaint to the FBI and the exchange of $100.000 in cash in marked bills 90% of which were found, in days following, in the congressman's freezer (yep, cold cash). Here is what my congressman, successor to Tom DeLay (at least that is who I hope he is referring to ("his predecessor") in his statement. His other predecessor, Silly Shelley, is guilty of nothing more than having poor fashion sense and being "mean".
Statement follows:
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today Congressman Nick Lampson (D-Stafford) issued the following statement regarding Congressman William Jefferson:

“It is incredibly disappointing to learn that yet another Member of Congress will be indicted today on federal criminal charges. Over the past two years, I have listened as southeast Texans expressed well-founded anger and frustration with the corruption in Congress. Indeed, the ethical and legal questions facing several Members, including my predecessor, cast a dark cloud over the U.S. House of Representatives.

“I made a commitment to the voters to do everything I can to make Congress return to representing the most important special interest – hard-working Americans, not big corporations or corrupt entities. We must restore pride and confidence in our democracy. America deserves a Congress whose Members uphold the highest standards of integrity – this is not a Republican or Democratic issue, but rather a fundamental of good and honest government. This Congress, for the first time in over twelve years, has taken substantive steps to bring ethics reform to an institution plagued by scandal and corruption. But today’s indictments serve as a stark reminder that our job is not complete.

“I stated in the past that if Congressman Jefferson is indicted, that he should resign for the good of the Congress as an institution, and more importantly for the good of the American people. I stand by that call today.”


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