Thursday, June 28, 2007

Another Hit From the “Liberal Press”

One of the biggest myths in American society today is how we are being bombarded by biased reporting from the liberal media. Here in Houston, Texas you have to look pretty closely, fairly intently, to find a liberal in the media. Witness the reporting on John Edwards’ appearance in Houston, yesterday by the Houston Chronicle’s Kristen Mack.

Mack hacked through the message delivered to 300 people packed butt to butt in Goode’s Armadillo Palace on Kirby last night. She focused on the exchange between Edwards, Edwards’ wife, and a hate mongering neoconservative political commentator. Giving brief lip service to Edwards’ statements on the recurring feud, Mack gave a lot of space to her analysis of Ann Coulter’s steadfast response. And Mack forgets that this wasn’t something that erupted just early this year. Remember her tasteless comment on Edwards way back? “Ask me about my dead son?”

Glossing over the issues raised by Edwards, ignoring many, Mack then focused on the “low-dollar affair”. Obviously she didn’t think it wise to charge such a low contribution, bringing in the rabble. She even quoted RNC spokesman Paul Lindsey on the charge. I don’t think Lindsey was even there, but he got a couple of inches of column also. Lindsey focused on Edwards’ “lavish lifestyle”.

Yep, we have to watch out for those big moneybags Democrats with their lavish lifestyles. Speaking of that, does anyone know if Halliburton is still based in the US or have they made the move to Dubai yet?

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