Friday, June 08, 2007

Told Ya So: Bob Talton’s Gonna Run For Congress in TX-22

The Politico has it first, but I’ve been saying for some time now that State Rep Bob Talton wants to be the GOP hero that runs Nick Lampson out of Washington DC.

Here is his campaign website.

Where I had speculation, they have quotes:

"I'm leaning in that direction, but it's not official yet," Talton said.

Talton touted his right-leaning credentials, calling himself "as conservative, if not more" than DeLay. He represents parts of Harris County in the state legislature.

Which makes it really nice. Now we have a field of two who want the Republican candidacy, Crazy Bob Talton and Shelley “She’s So Mean” Sekula Gibbs. Talton is known for his ultra-conservative gay-bashing that rings just slightly gauche in this conservative, but properly conservative district.

Shelley cooked her own goose (or was it turkey?) by showing those 76,924 clueless Republican voters in CD-22, all of those that spun that little dial for her, what a nut case she is when she arrived on the scene, pitched a fit when DeLay’s former staff members didn’t jump when she barked, watched as they walked off, and then demanded a congressional investigation. Hey, we all knew about her and we tried to tell you. You guys just didn’t want to listen.

So who else is in? Well . . . no one so far. We only have people who want out: Paul Bettencourt and David Wallace. That’s not to say that the RNCC isn’t looking under every rock (well, that’s an unfortunate metaphor, isn’t it?) for a “Top Tier” candidate.

Names like Pete Olson (Pete who?), Dean Hrbacek (too many consonants) and state Rep. John “Gas Passer” Zerwas.

Hey RNCC, I keep telling you, you’re missing out on a great candidate. Giannibicego Hoa Tran!

Nuclear Bomb!

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Anonymous said...

Hal, that's the nicest photo of Talton I've ever seen--you old softee!

You forgot to mention that Shelley was only in Congress long enough to put out ONE issue of a Dist. 22 Newsletter at taxpayer expense. Wasn't that nice of her to only blow her own horn ONCE? Yeah, yeah, she didn't have time to do it more times. Give her a break, willya?

The joke was that she arrived back in Houston before the Newsletter.