Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The List of Edwards Supporters In Texas Just Got Longer

When you charge a mere $15 to come and toss back a beer with John Edwards, you get resonance with some Texas Democratic Party officeholders, former officeholders and wannabe officeholders. You get supporters.

That’s what happened yesterday at the Scholz Garten in Austin.

Joining three already declared Edwards adherents Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, Congressman Charlie Gonzalez, and former Congressman and 2006 Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee Chris Bell are the following electeds:

- Dallas Mayor Laura Miller
- State Senator Kirk Watson (D-Austin)
- State Rep Garnet Coleman (D- Houston)
- State Rep Jim Dunnam (D-Waco)
- State Rep Craig Eiland (D-Galveston)
- State Rep Joe Farias (D-San Antonio)
- State Rep Stephen Frost (D-New Boston)State Rep Mark Homer (D-Paris)
- State Rep Trey Martinez-Fischer (D- San Antonio)
- State Rep Paula Pierson (D-Arlington)
- Austin Independent School District Board Member Karen Dulaney Smith

Then there were the former electeds who now support Edwards:

- Former Congressman Max Sandlin
- Former State Senator Babe Schwartz
- Former Texas Democratic Party Chairman Charles Soechting
- Former Chair, Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund Frank Herrera

And finally, a bunch of people who ran for office or are currently thinking about running for office. They include:

- Hank Gilbert - 2006 Commissioner of Agriculture Democratic Nominee
- Jim Marston - Director, Environmental Defense Texas
- Enrique Moreno
- Mikal Watts – Exploring the possibilities in a 2008 run for U.S. Senate
- Liz Carpenter

That’s quite an array of supporters. That’s why I think Edwards is our man. He has a big tent that lots of Democrats of all stripes feel comfortable under.


TexasSusan said...

Well, Babe Schwartz settles it for me. He's a genuine Texas Hero, by gawd. Babe gave us the Texas Open Beach laws when developers were trying to buy the Lege. Babe could have become a rich man, but he made the choice to serve the people of Texas and keep our beaches open to all the citizens. He's a living legend in my book.

Texas needs more Babe Schwartz's. Everytime you walk on a Texas beach, thank Babe.

burt levine said...

I heard today Chris Bell will soon officially endorse John Edwards for President of the United States of America!