Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Early Voting Is Over In Houston

It’s just past 7 PM CDT as I write this. Early Voting in the race for the At-Large Position 3 seat on Houston’s City Council is now over.

It has been an amazing 9 days. I called voters nearly every day in the afternoon to early evening in four Houston precincts. All, if not just about all of the voters on my lists were Democrats. Nearly half of the human voices that I spoke to today said that they had already voted. This could bode well for Melissa, just as it did in the May 12th election.

Results in the May 12th election showed that those who went in to vote early voted for Melissa by a vast margin (250%) in comparison to those who voted for Roy Morales.

Vote totals as of yesterday (the daily early vote totals have not been updated with today’s turnout yet) have 5860 in person early votes and 4589 returned mail-in ballots, for a total of 10,449 early votes so far in this election. Check out the Early Vote turnout here. Maybe by the time you read this the last day's data will be displayed.
But let's play with some numbers. Should today’s vote totals be equal to the average of the previous 8 days, that would make it about 732 in-person votes and about 917 mail-in ballots, for a grand total of over 12,000 votes.

This is very near the projected 15,000 votes that were estimated by lots of people and organizations – for the entire voter turnout including Election Day.

So people are still coming out in low numbers, but not the abysmal 2% that was anticipated.

With low numbers like that, anything can happen, so we’ll just have to see how things pan out on Saturday.


burt levine said...

Why aren't you expressing any interest in the Missouri City run-off for city council District B that could produce the first black woman ever to serve on city council in Missouri City.

Cynthia Gary deserves your attention as much as Melissa Noriega having advanced to the first run-off ever for a district council seat in the history of Missouri City and considering she is and has been an active Democrat which seems to be a priority for you I'm unsure why you ignore her.

Hal said...

Don't know Burt. Maybe it's because I don't know Cynthia Gray's parents, but I DO know Melissa Noriega's mom and dad.

I've also become painfully aware of Melissa Noriega's opponent's disingenuous to downright idiotic positions, so that may have something to do with it as well.

You know, Burt, your guy, Roy Morales.

TexasSusan said...

Well, that and the fact that Don Smith showed up at the Democratic fundraiser, bought a ticket and asked for our votes. Ms. Gary was nowhere to be seen.

Burt, don't you think a disclaimer that you're taking money from Ms. Gary to troll the Internet would be appropriate? You support her because she pays you to. No one pays Hal to do political work - he's his own man.

Anonymous said...

Burt is already up to $925 from Roy for this election.

Hal said...

I don't begrudge how Burt choses to make his living. I just hope he asks for it in cash.

Hal said...

Burt sent me a couple of comments that I can’t load because he keeps including Constable Troy Nehls’ cell phone number. But because there was such a wide range of issues in this last comment I thought I would provide the edited version, minus Constable Nehls’ cell phone number. What follows is from Burt.


You' very much like Cynthia's parents Mr. and Mrs. CE Lenton. They are extremely sincere, warm, inclusive and positive people.


The day of the picnic the Garys, their family and friends were out walking in their district and connecting with their neighbors.

A district candidate no matter if it is a state rep district, us rep district, senate distirct or a city council district should not leave their district when they can avoid it because it is those in their district who they represent.

Hal-I hope you do call Troy before the next Fort Bend Salutes America because he'd prefer input from you and from all patriots in Fort Bend (To me you're a real patriot) to keep making it more inclusive, appropriate and positive each year than it was the year before.

Constable Nehls wanted to insure you had his cell number which is XXX.XXX.XXXX to insure you have input into the event and are happy w/ it next year as you are a member of the Fort Bend community that has shown concern for it.