Thursday, June 14, 2007

Perry Top Aide Phil Wilson to SecState

Pssssst. Hey. Hey. Yeah you. Perry’s gonna name Phil Wilson to replace Roger Williams. Yeah. No. I didn’t say that. No. Hey . . . how’s the Mahi Mahi?

They’re not saying it’s definite, but when they want to find out what people think about what will be the reaction to an appointment, the best thing to do is for someone to drop a line in the ear of news hounds.

This is going to take some work.

Phil Wilson? Probably not the guy on my high school swim team. Nope.

State Senator Kirk Watson (D-Austin), who says that Wilson lives in his district, says he hasn’t a problem with Wilson. From the Austin American-Statesman:
“The senator called Wilson iextremely competent. He works hard; he knows hisbusiness; he's a real straight shooter. As far as I am concerned, the governor can go forward.’”
So Perry has the Watson seal of approval.

What about the SOS nominee litmus test that I have been hearing so much about? What will this Secretary of State do about voter suppression? The voter ID movement whose roots are in a Karl Rovian scheme to deprive Democrats of their constitutional right to vote?

Watson assures us:
“…as secretary, he won't take a position on the Republican-favored idea of asking voters to present photo identification or other proof of identity before voting; Wilson believes that it would not be his role as secretary”.
Well, the jury’s still out on this guy as far as I am concerned. One thing for sure, if he does go all out to promote photo IDs for voter registration or at polling locations, I can take great comfort in the fact that the last time he was point man to promote a bad idea, the Governor’s bad, bad idea to sell the Texas Lottery for $14 billion, he fell flat on his face.

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