Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lampson Joins House Blue Dog Coalition

Silly me. I thought he was already a member. The way Nick always talked about "Pay as you go" he was already spreading the Blue Dog Gospel.

But you have to get invited?

Guess you can't be too careful who you let in your club.

News release follows:

WASHINGTON - This week, Congressman Nick Lampson (D-Stafford) was formally invited to join the House Blue Dog Coalition, a group of fiscally conservative Members of Congress who advocate smart spending priorities and discipline with the federal budget. The Coalition of 47 Members of Congress focuses on fiscal priorities that are important to the mainstream values of the American public.

"I am honored to be invited to join such a distinguished group of legislators, these are Members of Congress I have worked closely with on many key fiscal issues," said Congressman Lampson. "Being a good steward of taxpayer dollars is more than just a talking point. Congress must show smart, capable leadership in spending priorities, for we represent hard-working American families who expect - and are entitled - to nothing less."

"I am pleased to welcome Rep. Nick Lampson as one of the newly elected members of the fiscally conservative Democratic Blue Dog Coalition," said Rep. Mike Ross of Arkansas, Blue Dog Co-Chair for Communications. "Nick Lampsonearned this spot in our coalition due to the important role he plays in Congressas a fiscal hawk with a unique ability to work across party lines and impact positive change. Nick Lampson's hard work and common-sense, bipartisan approach to representing his district make him an ideal Blue Dog and we are proud to welcome him today to the Coalition. We look forward to working with Nick as he will play a lead role in our efforts to drive an agenda of fiscal responsibility in this Congress."


The Wikipedia Blue Dog Democrat entry is a little dated as the entry shows that the Blue Dog Democrats are 44 in number. The Member's List found here shows a grand total of 48, with co-Freshman Kirsten Gillibrand a new member as well. Remember her? She is the other freshman congressperson who won her race in a squeaker in what was once a Republican district. Joining Gillibrand and Lampson is freshman Congressman Christopher Carney (PA-10), Bart Gordon (TN-10), Zack Space (OH-18).

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