Friday, June 08, 2007

Did I Just See A Head Roll By?

And did it look like General Peter Pace?

Yep, it looks to be so. September will be a hallmark month in the performance review and accountability of leaders of our nation’s military. Not only will General Petraeus be required to report to Congress on the effectiveness of Bush’s Plan B aka “The Surge” aka Military Escalation of the US Participation in the Iraqi Civil War, but September is the month that General Peter Pace’s appointment to Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman comes up for reconfirmation.

But the general will not have to go through his paces. Rather than have General Pace sit before a Senate confirmation hearing, Defense Secretary Robert Gates wants to end the military career of this highly respected general. His reason? This reconfirmation process could prove to be, to use his own word “divisive”.


Last time I looked America was divided on the further prosecution of this war by something like 72% Against to 28% For.

Having a “divisive reconfirmation hearing” is not what this is about. What this is about is this: let’s not give anyone a chance to talk about the Civil War in Iraq, or about the United States’ illegal involvement in this war. Might the Senate pose questions to General Pace that the White House does not want them to ask, or Pace to answer?

This is how the Bush Regime deals with opposition. They “retire” someone who has worked doggedly to try and carry out their bad policies so he doesn’t have to answer questions.

If I were Peter Pace, I would call in sick tomorrow, then get a nice book and a glass of iced tea and lay out in the backyard hammock all day tomorrow, and every day until September.

What are they going to do? Fire him?

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