Thursday, June 07, 2007

Roy Morales Will Save You From Those Illegal Immigrants

Roy Morales, that wacky guy owes money to his sign painter, the guy who the Harris County Republican Party has out rightly endorsed (can you do that in a non-partisan race?), has a new television ad. No, I won’t provide the video. It would get him too many views in You Tube. Go find it yourself. I’ll spare you from gazing at his frog-like countenance and just provide the text of his blurb below. You be the judge of this, but in my humble opinion, it is nothing less than incendiary demagoguery.
“Illegal immigration how long can we afford it? I’m Roy Morales and I am running for Houston city council at large position 3. Our number one issue in our city today is the illegal immigration problem. We can no longer afford the increased costs in our education and healthcare systems, increased identity theft and most importantly citizens dying at the hands of illegal immigrants. We need to find real solutions to a problem that threatens the stability of Houston’s future.”
Yada yada yada.

And that’s really funny, because not too long ago, on this blog, we had Roy Morales saying that the number one threat to the city of Houston was Terrorism, and how he had the tools and connections to see that we’d all be safe from the terrorists if we’d only elect him.

But no. Now we’ve moved on, and the number one issue is now illegal immigrants. Roy Morales says that is uniquely gifted in finding “real solutions”. Well then, Roy’s talent is being wasted here in Houston. He needs to join that group of 535 Senators and Congressmen in DC and straighten them all out. They don’t have a clue how to find real solutions. He obviously does.

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