Saturday, June 09, 2007

On Stopping Cornyn

I wish I could get more enthusiastic about the “Stop Cornyn” Movement that has given birth to a website dedicated to

1) Defeating John Cornyn in his bid for a 2nd term as Texas’ junior senator, and
2) Raising funds for the Democratic candidate who will defeat him in 2008.

I wish I could. John Cornyn is bad news for Texas. That he openly broke with his president to vote against bringing the immigration bill to a vote in the Senate doesn’t change things. The bill isn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it went a long way beyond the monstrosities that were hatched out of the Republican-dominated congress in 2006.

Why can’t I get enthusiastic about a “Stop Cornyn” Movement? Because I think the Republicans are going to pull a bait and switch on us.

This is Tom DeLay all over again. DeLay tried to get himself replaced on the ballot because he knew that a Republican had a chance to beat Nick Lampson, but not if that Republican was named Tom DeLay. Same thing is going to happen with John Cornyn. With a 45% approval rate, in Red Texas, Republican powers-that-be already know that he is a huge liability. If Republicans lose a US Senate seat in Texas, then the end is truly here and they know it.

Here we have a US Senator whose voting record is very nearly a rubber stamp for George Bush, who, despite being from Texas, now has approval ratings in Texas below 50% - slightly higher than Cornyn’s. All we need is one “Macaca” from Cornyn and he is gone.

So I don’t think the Republicans are going with Cornyn in 2008. I think they will find him a great job somewhere else. Rumors of him succeeding AG Alberto Gonzales have been circulating for weeks if not months.

That these are just temp jobs is a no-brainer, so there have got to be other incentives for Cornyn to take a new position somewhere else. Maybe even in the private sector, as in a high level position at Halliburton or somewhere else.


The truth is, Cornyn has become a liability to the Republicans and everybody knows it. His goose is cooked in 2008, and they need someone who Texas Republicans can enthusiastically support.

Stick a fork in him, he’s done.

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