Sunday, June 24, 2007

Where in the World is Rick Noriega?

One place he’s not: cooling his jets at home in Houston.

Rick Noriega was seen in The Valley toward the end of last week as a result of his work with the Mexican American Legislative Caucus’ Border Security Task Force. I find it amusing that while Mikal Watts was tooling around Houston last week, in “Rick Noriega’s backyard”, as the Kristen Mack article in the Chronicle reports, Rick was in Corpus Christi meeting with potential supporters for his US Senate race.

Rick toured through key Rio Grande Valley cities that included his attendance of Texas Democratic Party Chairman Boyd Richie’s 18th and final town hall meeting in Edinburg. State Rep. Aaron Peña was there also and he took pictures. He noted, and perhaps this is true, that this is the first time that Watts and Rick Noriega appeared at the same event.

Then it was onward on an exploratory visit to San Antonio where he met with Bexar County Tejano leaders at a local restaurant. There they discussed the possibilities at a Noriega run for US Senate.

Where is he today? Rumor has it that he is in Austin, Mikal Watts’ newly acquired backyard.

On the move throughout the state gauging his growing support in a race for a Democratic nomination for US Senate.

That’s where in the world Rick Noriega is.

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Cornyn says he's going to have $20 million, and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee estimates that a competative Democratic campaign will need at least $15 million to avoid being buried by Cornyn's money. Cornyn's fund raising plan link This $15 million threshold is how much we will need to get national Democratic Party attention focused on our race for Senate.

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