Wednesday, June 20, 2007

John Edwards Has An “Eventful” Demand

Never heard of it? “Eventful” is a website that brings rock groups (for the most part, but I guess anyone will do) to metropolitan areas. I think you should help me to bring John Edwards to the Houston Metro Area.


OK, for a couple of reasons. First, if you look at the comments section at the You Tube page that I found his video announcement, you see some neocon jerk comment that he bets San Francisco wins.

I want John Edwards to come to Red Texas to show the country that we’re on board with this Blue Revolution.

My other reason?

I think Texas is viewed by Democratic candidates as a big ATM machine. They come here for fundraisers then off to New Hampshire and Iowa for some pressing of the flesh. I know, we deserve this reputation. We gave the world Bush, Rove, Cheney, Gonzalez, NCLB and Tom DeLay, but maybe this is one way we can get out from under that dark cloud. Bring a guy like John Edwards to Houston to kiss some babies.

So here’s what you do. If you want, click on the You Tube video below to hear the announcement, then go here to the Houston Metro Area voting button. The vote stands at 57 for Houston, and LA is way ahead so you have some work to do.


Vox Populi said...

yeah baby !! DONE

Hal said...

Vox, the vote didn't increment as it did when I voted. Go back and vote or stop wasting everyone's time.

Anonymous said...

When I voted I needed a Houston zip code so I put in a downtown number 77254. This may help someone else who doesn't live in Houston proper.

Hal said...

I actually used my own Houston outlying area zip code snd that worked, too. But for some of in Austin or Dallas or wherever who want to help us out, hey, why not use Marsha's downtown Houston zip code?

Unknown said...

It took the Sugar Land zip code just fine...should be up to 62...come on people, VOTE! Lorrie