Saturday, June 02, 2007

Early Voting Starts Monday! Time To Step Up For Melissa Noriega

The title says it all. Monday June 4th is the first day of early voting for the special election runoff between Melissa Noriega and Roy “I’ll Protect You From the Terrorists” Morales. So call (713-MELISSA) or get down to the campaign headquarters and get a GOTV phone list or walk list. We’ve got to get those same people who came out and voted for Melissa to do it again during early voting, June 4th to June 12th, or on Election Day, June 16th.

The May 12th election totals put Melissa just shy of a majority (47%), a major feat when you are in a field of eleven candidates. Morales came in 2nd with a distant 18%. While Morales has gotten the endorsement of Tom “Loose Cannon” Nixon, Melissa has gotten the endorsements of 6 former opponents Noel Freeman, Andy Neill, Sara Owen-Gemoets, Ivan Meyers, Kendall Baker and Alfred Molison. Since the May 12th election she has also been endorsed by the Houston Association of Realtors.

Morales, on the other hand, got sued by a campaign sign manufacturer who works only for Republican campaigns. He didn't pay his bills in the last election, and he failed to throw more business his way. Poor Roy.

But let’s not let these pieces of good news keep us from the task at hand. Time to put this one away.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, but if Noriega is elected to replace Shelley Sekula Gibbs--won't that mean the idiots of Houston will lose our designated Council seat? Whatever happened to representative democracy? Yes, Noriega will give you good government, but at what price?

The other Council members are only idiots half the time, or only half-idiots all the time. The idiots of Houston demand one council member who'll be a complete idiot all the time! Vote Morales!