Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Nick's First Television Ad

Well it's finally out. I have the TV set in the other room tuned to CNN most of the day. On comes a 30 second spot with Nick standing outside on a street holding a hand-lettered placard with bulleted talking points. I got up out of my chair and sprinted to see the ad, but immediately spent too much time trying to identify where they were standing. It looked like an older community, and not a squeaky clean newly developed area. So I missed some of the lines in what appears to be a fast-paced and very clever ad. Individuals and small groups of people appear and disappear to Nick's left as they go through the list of issues. Real salt of the earth types. One of them is a "cute-as-a-bug" granny with a megaphone. It's all really upbeat and light, with Nick mugging all over the place - the man's a natural and exudes both humor and integrity.

And what a contrast to David Wallace's negative radio ad. This blog, by the way, has by far the best analysis of that misbegotten ad.

I went to the Lampson campaign website to see it the ad is posted there yet but at this writing it's not there. Hopefully they'll put it up.

Sparks Watch Update: Nothing is out yet, but Juanita has a fine analysis and proposed timetable of when we'll see a decision. GOP precinct chairs are not only going to waste gas money getting to the meetin', but according to Juanita, they are likely to claw each other to bloody masses on their fool's errand.

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Hal said...

It's up on the website now. Both very very clever one and one I haven't seen yet on TV.