Thursday, December 14, 2006

Calling For Dr. DiNovo

What? Yet another blog on the DiNovo campaign?

Hey, guys, it’s the only game in town.

I just finished my call list. I called for 20 minutes every evening around the time people are getting home from work but before dinner. I saw on Texas Kos that muse stopped by the HQ in Pearland today and got a list. Had I known muse was going I would have asked for another list. Now all I have to do is grade papers and type this thing that hardly anyone reads anymore.

Overall, the timing was pretty good. Calling at this time, I talked to maybe 50% more human voices. Response varied, but in general it was positive.

Tonight I was glad that I had only a few more calls to make because one guy wanted to talk. I was actually calling his daughter, but he answered. He said he was 77 years old and couldn’t fathom why ANYone would vote for a Republican.

“It’s ridiculous,” he said. “It’s insane.” “My great-granddaughter is 4 years old but she already has a $28,000 debt to pay!”

It’s not too late to lend a hand. They have 3 lines at the HQ at 3536 E. Broadway in Pearland. Just down the street at the Family Clinic, they have 6 phone lines and a plush setup for phone banking on the weekends. The clinic is at Pearland Plaza, 3223 E. Broadway Pearland.

They have set up calling shifts at the clinic: 10:00-12:00, 12:00-2:00 and 4:00-6:00

They are also block walking daily out of the HQ.

If Ciro’s win against a well-funded incumbent reveals anything, it’s that this is a winnable election if we can get out the base. Special elections have low voter turnouts (sometimes) and it usually favors an incumbent. Not this time. There is no incumbent. The leading opponent, Michael O’Day, has 5 times the resources as DiNovo, but has already spent his wad on campaign signs which litter the district.

He’s trying to buy the election.

And guys, if you need an additional reason to gas up and go on down to Pearland, here it is. Both Dr. DiNovo and his partner, Dr. Orsak, were resident doctors at (are you ready for this?) Dr. Shelley Sekula-Gibbs’ office. She was their direct supervisor for months.

Isn’t that just a scream?


Anonymous said...

HE, I'm glad to be one of the hardly anybody's!

Hal said...

And I do thank you for that, 'friend'. You and a precious few others keep coming back and I appreciate that.

Susan (aka Juanita) told me this would happen after the election was over. Hitcount is not bad but it doesn't come close to what it was when we were in the thick of things.

Anonymous said...


Don't let Liz run you off. All voices are welcome!

Hal said...

I wasn't aware that she ran me off. She's delusional. I just didn't want to engage in a debate over this.

Frankly I'd rather just watch and eat popcorn.