Thursday, December 28, 2006

Talton Bolts From the Dark Side - Pitts Steps In

I can’t believe what I am reading.

Bob Talton is endorsing Brian McCall in a move to unseat Tom Craddick?! This is the Bob Talton who was thinking of running for candidate in CD-22 before he was turned away by the TDP and its lawyers?

This is the Bob Talton who introduced a bill banning gays from being foster parents? [you know, maybe it might be a good idea to introduce a bill banning state legislators from being foster parents – especially if they are or the Republican stripe]

THAT Bob Talton?

Bob Talton makes Tom Craddick look like a flaming liberal by comparison, and a pretty nice guy at that.
So the smell of blood must be in the air and the wolves are encircling a wounded doe-eyed deer.

If I were a Craddick Democrat right now, I would be seriously considering what can happen if McCall can pull it off. I certainly wouldn’t want to be hanging back waiting for a majority vote for a secret ballot that just isn’t going to happen.

Now I can do the math.
McCall says he has 73 pledges - 17 Republican and 56 Democrats
Craddick says he has 72 pledges - 59 Republican, and 13 Democrats

Now Senfronia Thompson, who was also running for Speaker, made no secret that she would cast her lot with McCall. She said that she had "some 60 pledges." That, assuming she had no Republican pledges, gives McCall 60 Democratic pledges adding to a total vote of 77.

And now Jim Pitts (HD 10) has thown in. He says neither Craddick nor McCall have the votes. My oh my, for a sleepy week between Christmas and New Year's, Texas Legislators certainly can throw themselves a barbecue when they want to.

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