Thursday, December 28, 2006

Craddick's Numbers Go South

26 Legislators have left Tom Craddick’s November list. When I mentioned the fact that his support was eroding, I think the word eroding was an understatement. It’s positively evaporating. Quorum Report issued two lists of Craddick pledges. The November 8 list has 109 names, 79 Republicans, and 30 Democrats. Today’s list shows a reduction of 13 Democrats and 13 Republicans. Shown at right is a spreadsheet subtraction between the two lists. Click to enlarge.

Tack onto that the fact that McCall now claims that 16 names on Craddick’s December 28 list are on his (not saying which ones). Did we just see a huge blunder on the part of Craddick?

He showed his, but McCall didn’t respond in kind.

That reduces Craddick’s list of 83 pledges to 67 pledges. That’s 8 short of 75.

Craddick is losing in the numbers game. But wait, if you are losing this game, why not game the system?

Quorum Report is reporting that Craddick spokesman Bill Miller has let it be known that McCall is not actually a candidate. Not a for real candidate, because he has failed to file with the Texas Ethics Commission. That is, the TEC hasn’t received his paperwork. Well I’m having trouble with my mail, too. I’m still getting Christmas cards. The mail is slow this time of year. McCall, to my mind, was almost kind in his remarks that he sent in the paperwork on the 21st, and that it’s the postmark that counts, not when they receive the paperwork.

But that was a good one, using the TEC to erase your opposition.


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