Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Support for Craddick Appears to Be Eroding

My good friend Susan shot me a hot tip on the Texas House Speaker race. Brian McCall may be getting the upper hand in this race. It’s about as enigmatic as you can get, but according to “anecdotal information” there has been a shift in the tide.

Indeed The Chron carried a story by Lisa Sandberg and Polly Ross Hughes mentioned this shift as well in another context.
“McCall expressed confidence that he had secured enough pledges from disgruntled members, including many of the 109 who last month signed pledge cards for Craddick, to topple him next month. McCall declined to give a number or any names.”
No, that’s not something you do, publish the names of people who are about to double-cross the most ruthless, vindictive and mean-spirited man in the legislature.

You know what we really need here? What we really need is a way for the voters to show what their mindset is. Do the voters want Craddick out? If yes, to what extent? If there were such a vehicle, maybe the legislators with less to lose might be persuaded to come over from the Dark Side.

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