Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cast Your Ballots in the Capitol Annex Poll - Deadline is Midnight Tonight

The last special election of the year was not yesterday. It's today. At midnight tonight the polls will close and you'll have to wait until someone thinks to do this again after the next general election. So go to Capitol Annex and cast your votes for your favorite things.

And when you get down to Items 15 and 16 (best Texas and regional blogs, respectively), do NOT select Half Empty in 16. Don't waste your vote on this site (I still can't believe someone nominated it - look at the Archives, I've been doing this since June. JUNE!).

On the other hand, Juanita has been posting her rants on the internets since 1992. I go there everyday. Not to read what someone else wrote, or read about what someone else wrote, although she does that sometimes as well. I go there because she cracks me up. She can turn a phrase like no one else. Really. Where else would you read this?
"I know these Friendswood guys haven’t been here very long, but if they hang around a while in southeast Texas, they’ll soon be trilingual. You learn to speak enough Spanish to order from a menu and enough French to tell that Cajun neighbor of yours that his crawfish cooker scares you a little. Around Fort Bend you learn enough Czech to understand when you’ve been told to kiss a butt. Otherwise you would starve to death, tremble during crawfish season, and get your butt kicked."

I've even written her a campaign song:

Vote twice for Juanita
In Item 15, and then Item 16
Vote twice for Juanita,
In Item 15, and then Item 16
Vote twice for Juanita,
You'll never regret that you did
So when you go vote twice for Juanita
She will flip her lid!

If it's anything that I've learned in this past election, you can't get elected without one of these.


Capitol Annex said...


Be proud of your nomination, though. Ya'll have quite a following because of *all* the blogs nominated in the first round (by people who actually had to type in the names of the blogs, you and a lot of other CD22-ers made it.

Anonymous said...

Hal - you are very kind in two ways.

1) You say nicer things about me than my own mother does.

2) You kindly mentioned how long I've been "blogging" without mentioning that I'm so old that they have to carbon date me every year to figure out how many candles to put on my birthday cake.

I am proud to be in your company, big guy, because you jumped in head first and never went down again. I ain't the brightest light on the Christmas tree, but I know good writing when I read it.

However, the song ..... uh .... not so much.

Like you, I think the District 22 blogs should be considered together. Your analysis, Bryan's pictures, Muses' pinkness, Mark's humor, my snark - a helluva team.