Saturday, December 23, 2006

John Edwards - POTUS?

Ah. It finally came. muse posted the request earlier, but John Edwards’ machine evidently had me down on the list.

John Edwards wants to know if he should run for president. And he asked me. ME. This from John Edwards:
"I'm getting ready to take this effort to the next level - to bring Americans together in all fifty states to tackle the big challenges facing our country, from poverty and lack of health care, to energy and global warming. But this is our effort, and we can only succeed if we're all in it together. So before I make a final decision, I need to hear from you: Are you ready?”
H-E double heck yes I am ready. John, if you DON’T run I don’t know what we will do with you. I want you to run, John. I want Hillary to run. What the heck I want Barak Obama to run. These are the three best (so far) that we Democrats can offer up to the electorate. I like Hillary, you know. Her politics most closely match mine. Is she electable is the question that will follow her around the country. Here in Texas where we have to deal with a whole other voter animal, I have to ask whether she will help or hurt the local ballot. And I am still thinking about that ...

Yeah, John. Run. Let’s let things go their course. Bottom line, I WILL support the Democratic candidate who will cream the Republican nominate in November ’08. Just show me that this is going to be you and it is a no-brainer.

So yeah, John. Get it done. Better yet. Show me that you can win now, and you have my vote now.

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