Friday, December 15, 2006

TEA Clears Fort Bend ISD Schools of Cheating on TAKS in 2005

On Thursday, the TEA issued this statement clearing 561 Texas schools of cheating on TAKS tests in 2005. The 22 schools included on Caveon’s hit list apparently did nothing other than what they were supposed to do – score well on TAKS.

Here is the list of schools that TEA cleared.

I won’t repeat myself. If you want to see my rant on this in a previous posting when they came out with the Caveon list of suspect schools, go here.

But here’s what I want: I want an apology from someone. Somebody pointed an accusing finger at teachers, students and administrators in Fort Bend ISD, and all they were doing was their job. And if their job was to teach students how to take that damnable test so the school’s AEIS ratings wouldn’t get into NCLB trouble with their Annual Yearly Progress landmine, then that’s what they were supposed to do.

I want an apology that is as loud and clear as the headlines that I saw denouncing the schools.

Front page. Not buried on page 18.


Anonymous said...

You might look to Josh Benton with the DMN. He started this witchhunt. He misled the public about "cheating" schools. I no doubt think there will be a small number schools guilty of something, however is there any wonder why when the TAKS is so high stakes. Incentive pay will only increase this problem statwide.

Anonymous said...

HE - Giving a little twist to the old line, "We all have a dog in this hunt," regardless of a school's locale, or whether or not one has children, no?

In loolking at your previous post about Caveon (is the name pronounced "cave on"?), I really find neryd humor in "Data Forensics"!