Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Attention Supporters of Rick Noriega: Go to the DFT Website and Vote For Rick!

You have a homework assignment: Vote for Rick Noriega at the Democracy for Texas website. Go there Right NOW and vote for Rick. Due date for this assignment is September 22nd at midnight. Results will be revealed on September 24th.

OK I’m not supposed to say that, I am supposed to say vote for the candidate of your choice. So (Rick Noriega) go there (Rick Noriega) and vote (Rick Noriega) for the candidate (Rick Noriega) of your (Rick, Rick, Rick) choice.

Seriously don’t go there and stuff the ballot box. For one, they say they will look and throw out the votes of all repeat voters. They don’t want this to be a poll where the winner is the one whose supporters cheat the most.

What’s the point? It doesn’t even count does it? Whoever wins will get the endorsement of Democracy for Texas, an online Democratic advocacy group that has never endorsed a primary candidate. This is going to be such an exciting primary race that even if the Presidential nominee is obvious before Texas’ March primary, all eyes will be on this particular race.

Just a word of warning: after you vote they try and hit you up for $10 bucks to defray the cost of running the poll. OK, someone out there give them the sawbuck, OK? Just let the rest of us vote (for Rick).

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