Thursday, September 13, 2007

John Edwards’ Response to the Bush Regimes’ War Plans

Holy smokes. Is it just me or did a majority of my fellow Americans feel the hate?

We HATE what our country has become under the leadership of this Napoleonic leader. This leader is so full of himself that he refuses to bend to universal opinion. This sitting president tells a majority of Americans that they are wrong and he is right

Well here is our response. We reject every motion, every offer, every inducement.

George W. Bush, King George VI: time to face the piper. You have cowed the congress into submission. They represent the majority opinion in our country, and you, the Bush Regime, stand in opposition

And here is why I think that is so.

The only way to get us out of this quagmire is to repeat history. Defund the war, as my main man John Edwards urges.

Why would one oppose that? Those who don’t want blood stains of US soldiers on their sleeves.

But think about it. Who controls that? If Congress passes a law specifically forbidding the use of federal funds to support the war in Iraq, what is the president to do except to leave those poor heroes in the line of fire. “It’s their fault,” Bush would claim.” I wanted an honorable end to this war but they wouldn’t vote the funds for me to do so. And by the way, Master Sergeant so-and-so died today because of their vote.“

I honestly think that Bush is capable of that. Making use of a withdrawal of funds for the war to a withdrawal of bullets for our troops to defend themselves.

I honestly think he will do that.

This gives the concept of “war crimes” a totally new angle. How can one commit war crimes against one’s own troops? Number one answer: send them to a war zone to fight a war that they cannot win, that they were never invited to participate in, and that their virtual presence foments the war that exists. That they have no bullets to fire. I fully expect the Bush Regime’s answer to a defunding of this war is to leave our troops out there hanging.

That’s how.

Forcing the Vietnam War to a close took a great toll but in the end it was the right thing to do. The main thing to fear here is the breast beating that goes on with our disingenuous opponents. They don’t want peace, they want perpetual war and the dollars that this brings.

Stop the War in Iraq. Stop the Insanity. Stop the War Profiteering.

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Anonymous said...

Not only does Bush want to continue the occupation he wants to keep troops there for 50 plus years like Korea. Bush doesn't have enough troops to protect the US and is leaving it up to the next President to bail his behind out of the wringer. It's Bush's war, let him take responsibilty for it and get us out of the Middle East by June of 2008.