Sunday, September 23, 2007

Why Ron Reynolds is Running for Texas State Representative in HD 27 [Part 3]

For years the Republican-dominated Texas state legislature has chipped away at CHIP. The state-federal funded health insurance program for children in families that make too much money to qualify for medicaid, but not enough to afford medical insurance. This past year, the state legislature restored benefits to tens of thousands who went without health care because of one Republican roadblock or another. We need a state representative that pledges the restoration of CHIP benefits to everyone who rated it when it was first made state law.

And finally, embryonic stem cell research. What is it about this issue that makes this issue continually come up? My feeling is that it has become a wedge issue that Republicans have used to divide us, as many Democrats are also of the Catholic faith. Catholics hold that all life is sacred and that life begins at conception. To use embryonic stem cells to improve the health of the people, to cure diseases that no one has a cure for right now, they say, is a sin against God. These tissues come from embryos that are not ever to be used or needed ever again. Is it pleasing to God that these embryos are cast into a furnace? Does that make more ecumenical sense? If it still does, then maybe we need a change of the guard.
Watch Ron Reynolds pledge his support for embryonic stem cell research.

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