Saturday, September 29, 2007

Donations For Rick Noriega Pass 1000 and $150K; Buys Rick Time to Campaign at the Fort Bend County Fair Sunday

I never would have guessed.

In ’06 a number of Texas bloggers united on an ActBlue web page to raise money for three Democrats running for office: Shane Sklar, Juan Garcia, and Hank Gilbert. We managed to raise $3000 and change, mostly our own money.

So when we decided to support an ActBlue site for Rick Noriega, I played my usual pessimistic hand, and assumed it would fall just as flat. But people learn from their mistakes and this little juggernaut took off like nobody’s business. At this writing, 1061 donors across ActBlue have donated $153,321 to the Rick Noriega senatorial campaign.

And we still have 27 hours to go until the quarter ends.

This is good news for the Noriega campaign. If he can attract 150 large in small donor online donations, just think what he can do along traditional lines.

This must be on his mind.

That is why, I think, Rick Noriega is going to put aside some time on the LAST DAY TO DONATE in the 3rd quarter, tomorrow, Sunday September 30th, and go to the fair.

Yep. I mentioned it in my posting yesterday and then contacted the campaign to verify what I had heard, and they confirmed, but I got the distinct impression that they thought he should be on the phone on Sunday, not walking the Fort Bend County Fair’s midway with a funnel cake.

But it’s still true. And for the small price of fair admission you can all go to the Fort Bend County Fair at US 59 and State Highway 36 on Sunday, have a turkey leg, eat some kettle corn, watch Rick Noriega work his magic starting about 3 PM at the Fort Bend Democrats booth in the Exhibition hall (the one that has the “God Bless America” banner hung across it), and sign his petition at the booth.

Rick has a comfort zone here. I think he knows it. That’s why we get to see this very excellent senatorial candidate at the fair on Sunday. But maybe, just maybe, there needs to be some additional comfort so if you don’t mind, how about dropping a few Lincolns or Hamiltons off at ActBlue? This is the guy who has the best chance, bar none, of unseating our worthless, Bush toady, US Senator.

Rick’s the most.
Cornyn’s toast.

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Fenway Fran said...

What? It doesn't say "Krishna Bless America"? You're slipping!

Way to go, Rick! And, after seeing/hearing Cornyn in action this week on the teevee, I'd say, yep, he's toast. Dead man walking.

Keep up the half full work, the pictures of the booths say it all!

PS: check subject;verb agreement in the post title