Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Rick Noriega Thumps Cornyn On Votes, Photo Ops With Troops

The following is the leadoff in a John Cornyn press release

AUSTIN—U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, visited the Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center at Fort Hood Saturday, August 25 to meet with U.S. Army medical staff, troops, and their families.
Here are a few pics from this photo opportunity that Cornyn had to show his deep concern for our beleaguered troops

Here’s yet another leadoff headline from KRIS, a Corpus Christi television station news webpage:
CORPUS CHRISTI - United States Senator John Cornyn paid a visit to the Corpus Christi Army Depot Wednesday morning. It's part of the ongoing effort to ensure that the U.S. military has the resources it needs to fight terrorism.
Clearly, as State Rep and Lieutenant Colonel Rick Noriega points out, the junior senator from Texas is hiding behind photo ops with our troops while making disastrous votes in the Senate.

Cornyn is not for our troops. He is for anything that will get him re-elected and that includes defense of General Petraeus’ whitewash report on “progress” in Iraq and votes to extend the tours of troops already in Iraq. He seeks to deflect the attention given to widespread criticism of Petraeus’ report by attacking one of the critics.

This senator needs another job. What job? I don’t know, hand model maybe. Or maybe he can be the guy in the Cialis commercial. All I know is that he has to go, and that Rick Noriega is the only candidate who has launched an exploratory Senate campaign committee who can do the job and get him gone.

Rick’s campaign has launched a campaign fund drive in anticipation of the September end of quarter campaign fimd reporting cycle. Now is the time to ACT. Now is the time to go over to ActBlue and drive those numbers up and up.

Help us get Rick Noriega elected to the US Senate so he can help us get out of the Iraq quagmire.

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Anonymous said...

But you don't see the Silver Fox (which was what we called him in San Antonio where he first started his political career) where he SHOULD be. In his home town at the Fort Sam Houston Intrepid Center for the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation of those soldiers who have lost limbs and have head injuries because of that damned sham war. Or at Fort Sam Houston's state of the art burn center where those trapped in the IED-blessed HUMVEES received their wounds. He should be there apologizing to them and their families and giving them the keys to new homes to accommodate their new needs as well as the keys to new cars for them to drive with their prostheses. Does he even give blood regularly? Well, on second thought, who would want it?