Sunday, September 23, 2007

Why Ron Reynolds is Running for Texas State Representative in HD 27 [Part Last]

In his closing remarks, Ron Reynolds spoke about change, commitment, public service, and passion.
“There’s so much that can be done that is not being done. And it’s not about a change just to have a different change in scenery, but it’s time for a change because you have someone with passion, with a vision, with a calling of his life that is committed to giving a hundred percent of everything that he has to better our community.”

And you heard it here first:

“… If I do that [say one thing when they’re running, when they get in office they do another thing] I want you to vote me out my first year . . .”
This sounds like a slam dunk to me. Voters in HD 27 will have a choice to make this coming March, and it very much looks like who wins this primary is the one who will be best at beating the bushes for those 15% of Democrats who vote in Democratic primaries.

And who that is will depend on who generates the most excitement in this Democratic-safe district. My guess is that it will be the young man from Missouri City.

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