Monday, September 24, 2007

Watts Whipped: Democracy For Texas Poll Gives Noriega Lopsided Victory

If anyone had any doubts that Rick Noriega OWNS the internet, at least as far as his Democratic primary candidacy for US Senator from Texas, those doubts can now be laid to rest. The poll, recently announced by the Democracy For Texas, an online progressive advocacy group that has NEVER endorsed a primary candidate, closed at midnight September 22nd.

Just announced on their website are the official results:

Rick Noriega: 78.4% (1,514 votes)

Mikal Watts: 21.6% (417 votes)

It was never even close. Here are the daily totals as of noon on each day the poll was open.

Wednesday Noon Update:
Rick Noriega- 78%
Mikal Watts- 22%

Thursday Noon Update:
Rick Noriega- 82%
Mikal Watts- 18%

Friday Noon Update:
Rick Noriega- 74%
Mikal Watts- 26%

Saturday Noon Update:
Rick Noriega- 77%
Mikal Watts- 23%

The DFT is expected to officially endorse Rick Noriega for the Democratic nomination for US Senate. That’s because they said they would endorse the winner. Rick has gotten lots of endorsements by some heavy hitters:

Former Governor Dolph Briscoe
Former Lt. Governor Bill Hobby
State Senator Rodney Ellis
Former Texas Democratic Party Chair Charles Soechting
Former Texas Democratic Party Chair Molly Beth Malcolm
The Texas Association of Fire Fighters
Forty Seven of his colleagues in the State Legislature.
From Hidalgo County District Attorney Armando Villalobos, County Clerk Joe G. Rivera, District Clerk Aurora De La Garza, County Treasurer David A. Betancourt, and Sheriff Omar Lucio. Brownsville City Commissioners Carlos A. Cisneros and Leo Garza.

And I’m guessing Houston City Councilwoman Melissa Noriega.

There were lots of amusing stories about this poll. The folks at the DFT wanted to run a poll with as little ballot stuffing activity as possible. So they checked the email addresses and threw out any votes from duplicate email addresses. They also checked IP addresses and threw out any votes from identical IP addresses. I am told that on one day 75 votes were cast for Watts from 2 IP addresses.

But the explanation I heard was that the votes were cast by individuals who all voted from the same laptop linked to the internet via a WIFI connection. May be so. Seems plausible to me. So eventually even these votes were counted in by fair-minded people who could see their point. Only real obvious attempts to stuff the ballot boxes were cast out. This was probably going to generate protests that the poll was rigged as it threw out votes like this.

I make this point though. Is it not just as logical that Noriega votes may have been tossed out for the very same reason? Same IP? Or is it that Noriega voters all own their laptops, but Watts voters share them?

This is a road down which I don’t want to venture.

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