Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bush/Edwards Address Nation Tonight on Iraq

In just a little under an hour, Bush is scheduled to deliver an address on all major networks. The subject is Iraq, the Iraq Civil War, the Iraq War of Occupation, Bullets and Bombs for Oil.

All the newsies and pundits were given a preview of what he is going to say, and they already reported that on their network news shows. So we all know what he’s going to say.

So why watch?

Bush is going to “endorse” the recommendations of General Betray Us. That’s what everyone is saying. What he is actually going to endorse, though, are the recommendations of his own war-making team. Petraeus is the political puppet of the Bush Regime. No one points it out any clearer than Joe Klein on Chris Matthews’ show (of all people).

Bush also says that he is going to let his successor deal with the mess he made, and that we will be there for years and years to come. Some mention of Korea will be made.

And at 9 o’clock, we will hear John Edwards’ response to Bush’s speech. It will be aired on MSNBC. The campaign bought 2 minutes of air time just to do this. That will be worth watching. If you miss it, come back here and look for it. I promise to put up the inevitable YouTube video.

Oh and by the way, did you know that there is a September campaign fund drive at the Edwards Campaign? If you like what you hear at 9 o’clock, why not go here and make a contribution to the John Edwards for President Campaign?

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