Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ron E. Reynolds is Running for State Rep in Texas HD 27

Well I did something that I swore I would not do: a series.

Series blogs are a nuisance to me. I usually ask myself why can’t this blogger just say it in one posting? Or if that’s not possible, why can’t this blogger change it up a little from one piece to the next?

Well I answered my own questions today.
It's hard.

Ron E. Reynolds is going to challenge Democratic State Rep Dora Olivo in next March’s Democratic primary. He held a campaign kickoff fundraiser in Stafford last week and I got to try out a friend’s new mini DVD camcorder there, married this time to my old camera tripod. Look Ma, no hands.

You Tube has a limitation on the size of videos that you can upload, so I had to split up the parts of the video that I wanted to show on the blog into 5 clips. Now, I could have just embedded those 5 clips in one blog article, but you have no idea (or maybe you do) how slow this process is. So rather than wait, I put up one video at a time over several days. But I decided that I didn’t want them all intermixed with other blog postings, so I took them down and put them up again when I finished the last one. All together this time.

In a series.

But where there is a will, there is a way and I’m just going to link all of them here in this posting so you can read them in order.

First, Don Bankston was asked to say a few words about what a Real Democrat is.

Second, Ron spoke about the first of three areas of focus: Education.

Third, Ron spoke about the second of three areas of focus: Health Issues.

Fourth, Ron spoke about the third of three areas of focus: Economic Empowerment.

Finally, in his closing remarks, Ron spoke of his commitment, his passion, and being a force for positive change in HD 27, and about how he wants the voters to vote him out of office if he doesn’t come through for them.

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