Monday, September 10, 2007

OK, Have To Nip This One In The Bud

I noticed that Kuffner mentioned my two stories on Ron Reynolds, who will oppose Dora Olivo in the Texas March primary for the HD 27 seat. He mentioned Dora’s ’06 opponent then also:

“What I recall from the '06 primary is that there were questions about whether Brown was being backed by Tom Craddick. I know that Brown himself denied these rumors, and offhand I don't recall any evidence coming out to demonstrate that he had financial backing from Team Craddick, but the questions were there anyway.”
The first thing I thought upon reading that is that someone is going to throw that one at Ron Reynolds, too. It’s already happening in other districts, as Vince pointed out here:

“Evidently applications are now being accepted for the position of “Craddick D’s” in El Paso.”

“Marisa Marquez (D-El Paso) has announced she will challenge Rep. Paul Moreno, the state’s senior Hispanic Democrat and the “conscience” of the Texas House.”
Someone is bound to lay this one at Reynolds’ feet as well.

Here is what I can say about that: Reynolds told me at Saturday’s Democratic Party function that he indeed had been approached by the Craddick camp about running against Dora Olivo, offering him support from The Speaker’s deep pockets. Ron turned them down flat. Ron said that he was definitely not going to be supporting The Speaker, that he was a progressive Democrat like Dora, but that they differ on a few issues. Issues we have already mentioned before. He also re-emphasized to me his desire to help other Democrats win in their races. [I had a John Kerry sign on my lawn in ’04. I’ll bet Ron did, too.]

So let’s not let that one rear its ugly head.

Besides if all of the many, many people who know Ron Reynolds well hear someone say that he’s a Craddick D, I’m afraid that an earthquake will hit HD 27. The first earthquake in geologic history triggered by foot stomping, back slapping, tears in the eyes hilarity.

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