Monday, September 03, 2007

Rick Noriega Speaks to Washington County Democrats on Labor Day

That’s where I went today in observance of Labor Day. The Holiday Inn Express was the venue of the Washington County Democrats Annual Labor Day Barbecue. I drove up with a contingent of Fort Bend Democrats to show our solidarity with them, and also to eat their barbecue.

Local candidates were there to give short speeches as the election season kicks off. The featured speaker for the event, however, was Lt Col. and Texas State Rep. Rick Noriega.

Now I was hoping to grace this blog post with video of the event. The Fort Bend Democrats now have one of those new-fangled video DVD recorders but when I got the disk in my DVD-RW drive this evening, nothing happened. So we’re going to be getting this online later, OK? Maybe it will allow me time to spruce it up.

I brought blanks of Rick’s petitions and Geri, Marsha and I swept through the room getting signatures. They’re a tough crowd in Washington County so we didn’t get as many signatures as there were heads in the room. But we managed to fill one sheet and nearly fill another. But I’m here to tell you, there were people who chased me down wanting to get their names on that petition.

You know, I don’t think Rick’s campaign is going to have a problem getting those 25,000 signatures.

I’m going to save the report of the content of Rick’s speech for later because guess who didn’t take any notes? Yep, it’s pretty hard learning about some new technology that fits in the palm of your hand and getting some notes down on paper.

Oh . . . and guess what? The next US Senator from Texas reads my blog.


Unknown said... does his wife.

Hal said...

Thanks Melissa.

That means a lot. And again, thank you and Rick for your public service.

Rick came off very well in this crowd. I hope to spend more time with your campaign. I hear that Roy Boy wants a rematch. But I also hear that he needs a new printer. Someone that he doesn't owe a bunch of money to.

And this is the fiscal conservative? What a joke!

Eric T. said...

Great Post.. wish I was there..! Of course, I had a full post about the Noriegas reading my blog.. mostly because I'm just a big nerd and thought that was too cool.. ha!

::waits patiently for the video::

Anonymous said...

Hey! I read your blog too!


Anonymous said...

p.s. Nice post.