Monday, September 24, 2007

Rick Noriega’s Campaign Has A Huge Boost

If you have not been following, the Democracy For Texas Website has announced a resounding victory for LTC and State Rep Rick Noriega in its online poll. The question:

“Two candidates - State Representative Rick Noriega and Mikal Watts - are running to be the Democratic nominee to oppose Cornyn. Which one should get DFT’s support?”

Online voters overwhelmingly voted for Rick Noriega. In my opinion this was a no-brainer. Check out some comments.

“I am extremely impressed with Rick Noriega’s clarity of thought and purpose as well as his passion and organization.”

“Rick is the right man at the right time.”

“Rick Noriega is the candidate supported by grassroots Texans all across our State because he is the candidate who has the integrity to represent all Texans…”

“…Rick is tough enough to stand toe to toe with any Republican…”

“Rick Noriega has “walked the walk” and has a progressive voting record to show for it!”

Aw, fecal matter. They didn’t use my comment. But it pretty much paralleled the comments that these people offered.

People, I don’t know how to tell it any more clearly. This is the candidacy of a half-lifetime. You don’t come across better people than Rick Noriega very often. There is honesty there. There is integrity. There is experience that is such a resource to Texans that it makes my heart sick when people look at Rick and ask, “Where’s the money?”

Well I ask something in return to the Watts campaign. There was an old lady on a really famous commercial back before my children were born. She took one look at what was handed her at a fast food outlet, and proclaimed to the world:


I look askance at what Rick’s opponent offers, and ask that also: Watts: WHERE’s THE BEEF?.”

What does have Watts possess besides money and the money of his fellow trial lawyers?

Watts sues people. And makes a lot of money doing it. That's not bad. Some people in Texas need suing. Just sayin'. Where's the beef?

Rick makes a difference. Walks the walk, not just talks the talk.

There’s the beef!

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