Saturday, September 08, 2007

Mikal Watts Should Withdraw: Houston Chronicle

I’ve been watching this play out for a couple of days while I struggle with video format issues. Hey, I’m on a learning curve. The Noriega Labor Day video WILL appear come H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks or high water.

Meanwhile, a memo between trial lawyer Mikal Watts and his corporate lawyer opponents emerged recently. Heeyy. I wonder how that got placed into public view? Couldn’t have been from a John Cornyn supporter, could it? Nah. Here in Texas we play by the rules, right? And the rules say what gets said in litigation stays with the litigators. Unless, of course, we’re talking about corporate litigators who so very much want to return their senator, their lowest rated out of one hundred US Senators, John “Box Turtle” Cornyn, back to office in 2008.

So Mikal Watts’ braggadocio, that he had bought the Texas 13th Appeals Court justices with his campaign contributions fell on deaf ears. This according to a leaked 6-page letter to Watts’ corporate opponent in a lawsuit. So now the Houston Chronicle, that most liberal of paper press, is calling for Watts to step down from his bid to unseat John Cornyn.

I can just see it. Someone on Cornyn’s campaign staff reads that this morning and coffee erupts from his/her mouth. WHAT? The Houston Chronicle is demanding that OUR DREAM OPPONENT withdraw? Someone get them on the phone!

Someone needs to cue in these people on the Chron that Mikal Watts is John Cornyn’s dream opponent. Cornyn can’t lose as long as Mikal Watts opposes him in November.

Think about it.

Watts possesses all Republican hot button issues. Trial Lawyer. Sues Corporations. Jacks up OUR insurance rates. Cars cost more. Trial Lawyer. Dirty Trial Lawyer.

Mind you, I count trial lawyers among my best friends. This is not my take, it is the Republican party’s take, and lots and lots of people are feeding at that smorgasbord.

It’s the GOP’s worst nightmare. They CAN’T lose Watts as an opponent. Simply can’t.

Why? The alternative is an undefined thing. Low on money power, heavy on people-power, LTC Rick Noriega has all the qualities that John Cornyn lacks and they all know it. He has such broad backing it makes me ache.

The Cornyn campaign is leaving Rick Noriega alone, and for good reason. They don’t want to call attention to the campaign that has the potential to unseat their candidate. Rather than do that, they wisely choose to put Mikal Watts’ campaign into focus as the Democratic challenge to face and face down. The campaign that gives them the least number of problems.

But now the Houston Chronicle has thrown a monkey-wrench into the works. A huge hit against Cornyn’s weakest opponent while leaving Rick Noriega’s campaign supporters free and clear to agree with them. Yes, they say, Mikal Watts should probably step down. He’s been compromised. He can’t win now.

Mikal Watts: step aside. I know your ego can’t possibly take this news, but there is a better man out there. A man who can beat this last out of a hundred rated US Senators, a Senator from Red State Texas. The baggage is mounting. Time to execute a tactical retreat. Time to support the man who can meet and beat a Texas Republican Senator, fighting him toe to toe.

Lieutenant Colonel and Texas State Representative from District 145: Rick Noriega.

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