Sunday, September 02, 2007

More on Ron E. Reynolds and Dora Olivo

Just want to dot my i’s and cross my t’s with this little post.

I mentioned in the previous posting that Dora Olivo had made no announcement as to whether she would run for re-election, although it haunted me because I thought I had read about it somewhere, but Google searches kept coming up blank. Bob Dunn at FortBendNow writes that she announced her re-election plans on her campaign website but I’m not so sure. When I saw the announcement on the site I was under the impression that it was the one for the 2006 campaign and became convinced of that when I saw that she reported being on the County Affairs and Agriculture & Livestock Committees but when you look at her state website you don’t see that. You see that she is on the Public Health Committee and Public Education Committee. That and her home page lists primary day as March 7, as it was in 2006 and not March 4 as it will be in 2008.

So I think that’s an old page.

I also think she should say something pretty soon because her opponents are coming out of the woodwork.

Even from the GOP.

Yes, it’s true. Now we come to find out that as of this past Friday the Republicans are going to field another candidate to challenge the Democratic nominee in the race for Texas state Rep from District 27. As reported on FortBendNow, some guy named Steve Host is going to file for this seat in the Republican primary.

I recall in distant memory that when Ken Bryant was making noises that he wanted to run against Dora, people around him tried to dissuade him, saying that it was a lost cause and that he would never win.

But he didn’t listen to them.

If Steve Host has any friends to advise him, he isn’t listening either. He probably has lots and lots of friends. He owns the Richmond Coffee Station right there near the William B. Travis Building in Richmond. He’s probably served coffee and frappacinos to half the county employees. One online reviewer of the place mentions that Bible study groups meet there and that there is a whole bunch of religious stuff you can buy there [Religion, by the way is a non-issue as both Dora and Ron are deeply religious]. Just down the street are his other two businesses, the Host Insurance Agency and Texas Fidelity Mortgage – both business are run out of the same office.

So he has lots and lots of friends that he doesn’t listen to.

Oh, and the new news about Ron Reynolds? He’s still going to run.

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