Sunday, September 23, 2007

Why Ron Reynolds is Running for Texas State Representative in HD 27 [Part 1]

Ron Reynolds held his campaign kickoff fundraiser this evening at the Kim Son Restaurant in The Fountains, in Stafford Texas. The count was something at 175 attendees. At $100 dollars a plate (minimum) this attracted a very committed crowd.

Lots of elected officials were there. Allen Owen, Mayor of Missouri City was there. So was Ruben Davis, Fort Bend County Constable in Precinct 2. Newly elected Fort Bend ISD Trustee Bob Broxson, a personal friend of Ron Reynolds was there. He actually recognized me by my name tag and walked up to introduce himself. Seems like an OK sort of person. Doc Holliday, on Congresman Al Green’s staff was there. Lots of others.

What I thought I would do is bring you to the function. I have some video clips from a 30 minute video I shot there. Appearing in the first clip is not Ron Reynolds, but Richmond trial lawyer and SDEC Member Don Bankston. Don set the stage.

Why is Ron Reynolds running against a progressive Democrat? Don tells the story in this You Tube embed..

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